She Has WINGS!
Sara Ferguson

This literacy and math teacher at Columbus Elementary School in Chester, Pennsylvania became the spokeswoman in the initiative to work without pay when the district revealed that it could no longer afford to pay staff. For the courage and dedication shown, both Sara and the teachers she represents unquestionably have WINGS!

When the troubled Chester Upland School District in Pennsylvania was drained of funding, officials realized they couldn't afford to pay its staff after January 11, but that didn't stop teachers and support staff who rallied together and decided that they would keep working without pay, "as long as we are individually able," The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. "Each and every student across America has the right to quality education. It's not a privilege, it's a right," Sara said. "As citizens, they deserve that. And we need to see that they get it."

The selfless act of these teachers quickly drew national attention, and Sara represented the group of educators appearing on the Ellen show and even joining Michelle Obama in the First Lady's Box at the State of the Union address. The White House described Sara as someone who "sees education as a vehicle of change in our society, and feels privileged to have touched the lives of so many students."

"Many times we speak about our beliefs and our values and our convictions, but here at Chester Upland we were put to the test," Sara said. "People always say children first, and we showed the entire country that we do put children first."

Sara, for your selfless dedication to kids and the education movement, you most certainly have WINGS!

The greek root of the word philanthropy is philanthropia and means “the love of humanity.”

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