He has WINGS

Richard Gorgoglione

Hurricane Sandy's storm surge affected multiple U.S. states causing severe damage and devastation in many areas. Countless people jumped into action showing a wealth of compassion and lending whatever help they could offer. One of those heroes was 51 year-old custodian Richard Goroglione.

In New York, streets, tunnels and subway lines were flooded, and power in and around the city was out. As more than 1,000 residents of Manhattan's Lower East Side evacuated their homes, Richard, along with about 40 other city employees and volunteers, took them in and cared for them at Seward Park High School which served as a safe shelter through the storm.

"They had nowhere to go," Richard said of the residents who fled their homes in Evacuation Zone A.

With his own wife and three children safely riding out the storm on the higher ground of Staten Island, the life-long New Yorker began working on Friday afternoon as he unloaded supplies and prepared for those who would be rendered homeless by the massive storm. He worked tirelessly throughout the ordeal answering countless questions, making sure people were comfortable, and ensuring residents had 3 meals a day. At the height of the storm on Monday evening, 1,100 people, along with eight dogs, a cat, and a rabbit were tucked safely away throughout the 5 floors of the school. On cots and under fleece blankets, people were able to sleep comfortably because Richard and his crew did not.

Here's to Mr. Richard Gorgolione and all of the other heroes of Hurricane Sandy! For your boundless empathy and kindness, you have WINGS!




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