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Vanessa Peebles

After seeing a story on her local news that weighed on her, Atlanta, GA resident Vanessa Peebles could have just shrugged it off and gone on with her life, but instead she flew into action. Her selfless act of kindness touched our hearts and made her an obvious choice for September's WINGS recipient.

Every day, 20-year-old Georgia Technical College student Branden Whitehead was forced to walk 15 miles each way to class because he didn't own a car. But last month, a hit-and-run driver left him with a slew of serious injuries, making the walk impossible.

When Vanessa caught the news report and learned of Branden's circumstances, she knew she had to help. "The thought of my kid walking, I don't even want to think about it," Vanessa told Fox 5, "So I said nope, that's it, end of story," and right then she decided to give him her 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood. The once four and a half hour commute will now only take the student 15 minutes.

At WINGS we tell our kids to step into others shoes and see what they are going through, and Vanessa did just that. She stepped into the shoes of a complete stranger and decided that they would be better applied to a gas pedal than 15 miles of pavement.

The car, which needs some work but is generally in good condition, comes with only one caveat, Vanessa said. He has to stay in school. "I want to see you a surgeon one day," she told the surgical tech in training.

We're proud to call Vanessa a new neighbor with our recent expansion to Atlanta, and we're honored to give her WINGS!




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