He has WINGS

Anthony Cymerys

82-year-old Anthony Cymerys is a self-taught barber who has an exclusive clientele. Every Wednesday, he sets up shop in Hartford's Bushnell Park and gives haircuts to Connecticut’s homeless. The fee for his services is the same for everyone: a hug.

Joe the Barber, as he's known in the park, began offering his services 25 years ago after retiring from a career in real estate investment. He’d often cut the hair of family members, but decided to put his clippers to use for people in need.

His clients, who he calls family, line up on benches and one by one take a seat in a folding lawn chair above a car battery that powers Anthony’s clippers. And this is a full-service operation.

"When I do a job on them, they get the whole works," he told CBS News. "If they've got a dry scalp they get their scalp massaged and then they get slopped up with $30 bottle of Estee Lauder moisturizing aftershave."

The people seated in Anthony’s chair are so used to being avoided. The fact that someone even touches them; really touches them.

"It's all about being kind to people," Anthony said, "and it works three ways. You feel good, the person you're doing it for feels good, and people that are watching feel good."

For passing along all of that heartfelt goodness, we happily give Joe the Barber a pair of manicured WINGS!




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