She has WINGS

Julia Brown

When Callahan Elementary School teacher Julia Brown went above and beyond earlier this month to show support for one of her students, she taught all of the children in her kindergarten class a valuable lesson about acceptance. This Jacksonville, FL teacher knows that students have the best chance of success when they are learning both academically and emotionally, and for that, she has WINGS!

Six-year-old Brantley Rogers, a student in Mrs. Brown's class, had to undergo emergency surgery after seriously injuring his eye when a stick he was playing with snapped in half. As a result of his injury and surgery, Brantley will have to wear an eye patch for at least three months.

After a week at home, it was time for Brantley to return to school, but he was nervous. His mother Candy said he just wanted to be normal and was, "worried what the kids were going to think about him," even asking if he could take the patch off while in class.

All of Brantley's fears dissolved when he returned to class to find that Mrs. Brown had made eye patches for the entire class to wear on his first day back!

Not only did Mrs. Brown resolve Brantley's fears and give him a warm welcome, she also taught her entire class to support and embrace others unique qualities and differences. Sounds an awful lot like one of the lines of our Creed: I understand others are unique. I want to learn more about everyone I meet. I want to step into their shoes and see what they are going through.

"We start the beginning of the year talking about how we're all different," Mrs. Brown told News4JAX. "We all have differences. Different things we like and that we should accept people for that all the time."

Bravo to Mrs. Brown for showing her class that it's okay to be different! We're pleased to give her another accessory to go with that eye patch - a well deserved pair of WINGS!




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