She has WINGS

Abbey Curran

As a little girl growing up in rural Kewanee, Illinois, Abbey Curran dreamed of one day being crowned the queen of the county fair. When she was finally old enough to enter the annual contest, a teacher told her, "Be realistic. You can't do that."

The bright and beautiful Abbey was born with a form of cerebral palsy that affects the movement in the lower half of her body. But what that teacher failed to recognize is that she was also born with the will to do anything she set her mind to, and in 2008, Abbey was named Miss Iowa USA, becoming the first contestant with a disability in the history of the Miss USA Pageant.

Not only has Abbey successfully placed in more than five pageants, she also took the life lessons she learned and created her very own non-profit pageant for young girls and women, ages 5-25, with special needs and challenges. The Miss You Can Do It Pageant celebrates its seventh year on July 27th, 2013.

The pageant allows girls with disabilities ranging from spina bifida to Down syndrome the opportunity to experience the glitz, glamour, and camaraderie of a beauty pageant. The event also gives their parents a weekend to network about pageant dresses and hairdos instead of walkers, doctors and uncertain futures.

"The meaning of disabled is not having any power," one of the girls, Teyanna, wrote in an essay. "But I have the power to do anything I am willing to try. That makes me able."

Abbey has dedicated her life to proving that no challenge or limitation is great enough to stop you from achieving dreams. We're pleased and honored to give her a sparkly pair of wings to go with her many crowns.




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