She has WINGS

Kelly Rae Roberts

When we stumbled across this talented artist and writer's work, we were blown away! Not only are her pieces beautiful and inspiring, but they couldn't be any more WINGSy! From her optimistic messages to the wings and birds that appear so often in her work, it's evident that she has been a fellow winged one for years!

At the age of 30 while working as a clinical medical social worker, Kelly Rae felt restless. While acknowledging her work was important and powerful, she felt that she needed more, and so she sought to remedy that bustling within her by pursuing her passion of painting and creating.

"I was still listening, sharing, healing, navigating messy emotions, making an impact - except using a paintbrush in a studio, instead of a clipboard in a hospital. Same message. New medium. Full circle."

This decision changed her life, and fulfilling her own hopes and dreams wasn't enough- her work beckons others to fearlessly do the same.

Kelly Rae's art is a beacon of optimism, empowerment, and encouragement with messages like, "Radiate Possibility," "Surrender your fear and be brave with your life," and, "Kindness changes everything." Her quest doesn’t end with her beautiful and meaningful pieces either. She has extended herself beyond her craft, creating a real community meant to connect and inspires her fans and friends with movements like The Possibilitarian Project, Kindness Missions, The Possibilitarian Tribe, and more. These forums are a place for joy, inspiration, sharing, and support.

"My hope is that my work invokes a sense of vitality within you as you walk your own path in life, and that it inspires you discover your own limitlessness."

We can't get enough of Kelly Rae's bright thoughts and ideals displayed so beautifully at the end of her paint brush. Like so many of the figures in her art, Kelly most definitely has WINGS!




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