She has WINGS

Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler is known for the hilarious characters she portrays on movies and television, but this funny girl is also a smart girl; and an inspiring one too!

Being an adolescent girl is difficult, and having mutually experienced the woes, awkwardness, and overwhelming plight of that peculiar stage in life, Amy teamed up with friends Meredith Walker (former head of talent for "SNL" and senior producer for Nickelodeon's "Nick News") and Amy Miles (singer-songwriter and host of PBS' "Lomax: Hound of Music") to create the YouTube sensation Smart Girls- a place where girls can go to know they're not alone and get encouragement to be their wonderful and unique selves.

The Smart Girls mottos is, "Change the world by being yourself," and the channel aims to help young women in the process of cultivating their authentic selves with features like Girls of the World - a segment highlighting girls from all walks of life making their mark, Ask Amy - where Amy herself fields audience questions addressing issues from stress and anxiety to hair and makeup, and the Be Nice Campaign where fans can pledge to do "nice things to put into the world."

"This channel is a reminder that you don't have to be famous to be interesting, to matter, or to make a difference," Amy says.

We just love this channel and the great girls behind it! Below you'll find one of our favorite videos where Amy addresses a viewer's concerns about body image with some of WINGS' favorite tools: gratitude, recognizing blessings, and positive self-talk! Amy Poehler has humor, spunk, empathy, and WINGS!




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