Tim Howard

Hail Hail Howard! The 2014 FIFA World Cup brings to life perseverance, grit, delayed gratification, and hard work. No one encapsulates this and our hearts more than USA's Tim Howard - and he has WINGS! 

We don't know about you, but for WINGS, much of June and July were dominated by all things soccer, futbol, FIFA, and World Cup. And this includes Tim Howard. As goalie for Team USA, Howard earned himself the nicknames "U.S. Secretary of Defense" and "Modern Jesus" while almost breaking Twitter with the hashtag #TimHowardCouldSave. What makes us most proud of Howard, beyond his athletic ability, is the perseverance, tenacity, and grit his journey to the 2014 World Cup entailed. Below are some surprising facts about America's new hero, Tim Howard, that we borrowed from this CNN article. Tim Howard - you have WINGS!

He lives with Tourette's syndrome

For Howard, it's not a big deal -- just part of his life. But it does come with some misconceptions.

"It's something that I live with every day. For me now in my life, it's like breathing for me. If I woke up and didn't have Tourette's syndrome, it would feel weird -- not better or worse, just different. So I'm very happy and comfortable with it," he said.

Many know it only as the "swearing disease," but only about 10% of people with Tourette's syndrome swear uncontrollably.

"You know, we don't all curse," Howard told Yahoo Sports a couple of weeks ago. "I do on the field, unfortunately, to get my point across, but it's not because of my condition."

People with Tourette's syndrome suffer from involuntary tics, which can be either verbal or physical. Physical tics may include jumping or twitching. People with the syndrome describe a tic as being like a sneeze, impossible to hold in without extreme discomfort.

He is one of the best goalies in the world

Don't believe us? Just ask his coaches.

His club coach has said there is no better goalkeeper in the Premier League.

"His belief and understanding of the game and his desire to achieve more is contagious," Roberto Martinez told FIFA.com.

National team coach Jurgen Klinsmann said in May that Howard is one of the top five goalies in the world.

And, if there were any doubters, he silenced them all this month.

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