Here�s a fun way to teach kids that the greatest gift we can give to others isn�t something to buy. The Gift Challenge gets the whole family involved.

The Gift Challenge

Challenge your family to give gifts that matter!

The challenge is for each family member to keep track of small gifts they give others (in the family or not). Gifts can include: holding the door for a stranger, doing someone else�s dreaded chore, taking out the trash without being asked, picking up a piece of litter on the road, telling someone how much they are appreciated, encouraging someone during a tough time. You may want to brainstorm with your kids to come up with ideas.

Decide on a time period � maybe 2 weeks, or the days left until New Year�s Eve. Then figure out a way to track their gifts. Some people use a chart on the refrigerator, or a computer spreadsheet, or text themselves a telephone reminder.

At the end of the challenge, reward the person who has given the most gifts. The reward can be simple: an extra hour added to curfew for a night, 2 hours of alone time in the house, a free car wash. Or you can designate a larger reward: a toy of their choice, a trip to get ice cream, a gift card.

The point of the challenge is to get everyone thinking about the little things that can be done to help people. Especially during the holiday season, when people can become stressed out and sad, these little gift offerings can make a big difference.

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