When times are tough it is easy to feel defeated. It is important for adults to stay positive; however, especially in front of kids, in order to show how we can turn the negative into positive through affirmative self-talk.

One way to teach this to your children at home is through the bad apple experiment.

The idea is to have your child go outside with an apple and say mean things to it before throwing it on the ground. After a few throws, pick the apple up and ask your child if the fruit is edible. Of course it isn’t.

Explain to your child that every time he/she gets discouraged and says negative things, he/she is beating himself up; just as the apple is beat up. Use this as a powerful example of how constructive statements such as, “I can do it,” “I’ll try harder,” or “I’m doing my best” should be used in place of negative statements in order to ward off feelings of defeat.

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