The importance of upholding agreements really comes home to young kids when you make a promise chain with them.

Building the Chain of Trust by Keeping Promises

The bond of trust stays strong when people keep their promises. At WINGS, we use the Promise Chain to teach kids from a very young age how important it is not to break their promises. All you need is construction paper, a stapler, scissors and a pen or pencil.

Have kids cut strips of construction paper and write down what they agree to do. For example, “I agree to do the dishes three times this week.” Then they staple together into a circle each strip of paper containing an agreement so they intertwine into a chain.

Some more examples would be doing homework before going outside to play each day, spending 5 minutes tidying my room before bed, remembering to take out the trash without being asked, playing a game with a younger sibling.

Hang the promise chain in the kitchen or kids’ rooms. If they break an agreement, rip off that strip of paper the agreement was written on. Then explain how the promise chain broke because agreements were not kept - and just like the promise chain breaks, so does the trust.

Tip: Make sure kids are making attainable and realistic agreements!

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