Here’s a fun way to help kids learn to read social cues and identify the emotions of others, by playing a variation of charades.

Livid, Shocked, Ecstatic!
Emotional Charades

It’s important for everyone to be able to identify the emotions of others, as well as having an awareness of other people’s expressions, tone, pitch and gestures. From an early age, it helps kids in their interactions to know that there’s a wide range of emotions in the human experience and learn to recognize the social cues.

At WINGS we use the game of charades, with a twist.

First, think of some different emotions, and include more than the routine – glad, sad, mad. How about words like livid, shocked, ecstatic? Be inventive! Write all the emotions on separate strips of paper and throw them in a bowl. Decide on a time limit and set an alarm or timer.

Players take turns picking a strip and acting out that emotion with pantomimed clues, remembering to focus on facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice – we permit sounds! The winner is the player or the team that guesses the correct emotions within the time allotted.

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