Learning to appreciate the little things in life is a hard lesson for us all—and it’s especially difficult for kids. At WINGS we teach our kids that everything around them is a blessing, and that the things they want aren’t always the things they need.

Blessing Basketball is something we play at WINGS and an easy exercise for the whole family. Give everyone in your family a sheet of paper. On the paper have everyone write or draw their blessings (things they feel they are lucky to have). Once everyone finishes, place a bowl or bucket somewhere in the room and have everyone ball up their paper. On go, everyone tries to shoot their paper into the bucket. Keep shooting until everyone gets their ball into the bowl. Once all the papers are in the bowl, pull them out one at a time and talk about whether the blessings on the papers are wants or needs using the following questions:

  • Is what I want (or want to do) something that I really need?
  • Will the thing that I want (or want to do) help me be successful or do better?

At WINGS we also play this using wants and needs as two other Blessing Basketball topics. Have fun!

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