Three Easy E's
to a good conversation

Sometimes talking with a child feels like talking to a wall! Kids have so much going and sometimes they just can't focus on what is being told to them. Guess what? There is an easier answer than raising your voice or nagging the child for not listening.

Simply take a few moments to teach them the Three Easy E's:

EYES: Keep your eyes on the person you are talking to

EARS: Block out all extra noise and don't listen to those around you; if you are talking to someone, you should only hear what they are saying, block everything else out

ENERGY: Put all your energy into the person you are dealing with, don't work on anything else or try to do two things at once

Once you have taught a child this technique it is time to stop nagging and start being heard.

For example:
  • If you are talking with a child and he/she is staring out the window, you simply say "Eyes, here please."
  • If the radio or TV is on while you are talking, gently touch the child's arm and say "Ears on me, please."
  • If a child is fiddling with a pencil while you are talking, put your hand over the pencil and say "Energy on me, not the pencil."

"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."

— Duke Ellington

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