As the school year comes to a close we focus our attention on teaching kids important relationship skills. One way we do this is to help kids understand how working together, and using the “Four Cs”, can help land them in a win/win situation.

When dealing with others, it’s easy to want to do what makes you feel good, but we help our kids understand that sometimes what feels good may not be the best decision for the group.

We use these “Four Cs” to help kids learn the art of dealing with conflicts to find the best win/win resolution:

Come Together:
It is important to come together for a common interest and work toward the same thing. If kids are only working to make themselves happy, they are not coming together as a group.
When working together toward a common goal, it is important to share ideas and thoughts— listening, adjusting, and compromising along the way. The key is to remember that the goal is to make everyone happy, not just one individual.
Once the best course of action is decided, everyone involved must be willing to change.
Once these changes occur, there should be a win/win outcome, and it’s important to celebrate the progress that has been made!

When sitting her nest of fourth graders down for discussion on this particular objective, WINGSLeader Jessica Lovins used examples from the past week to help her illustrate how the girls were already exercising some of these “Cs”—with some of the Cs coming a little easier than others.

For example, the girls were already finding themselves in situations that required them to make compromises—just last week they were able to agree on one game to play during their free time, given a choice of several options. However, many of the girls who found themselves on the compromising end weren’t able to put on a happy face and come together as a team, which is an important step toward a win/win outcome.

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"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

- Albert Einstein

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