Help kids catch and hold onto their strengths so they can love and accept themselves.

In order for kids to capitalize on their strengths, it's important for them to first be aware of them. For example, if a child knows that he is good at taking pictures, he may decide to join the Yearbook Club; if a child knows she is great at concentrating, she will feel confident taking a timed Math test.

Sometimes kids need our help recognizing their strengths. So, take 3 minutes and brainstorm your child's strengths with them. Once you have a list, teach them how to capitalize on their strengths.

• State your strengths and be proud
• Show them to others, don't be shy
• Think about activities where your strengths will help you
• Offer help to others in a kind way

The greek root of the word philanthropy is philanthropia and means “the love of humanity.”

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