Push Out The Negative. Pull In The Positive.

Positive self-talk makes kids feel like a champion whether they're shooting for Olympic gold or an A+ on a test. We love to see people cheering and encouraging kids in their activities; sometimes there's no one to hoot and holler on a child's behalf. In these moments of silence, kids need to look inside themselves and find ways to stay positive. Here's a great way to teach kids positive self-talk: Push and Pull - Push out the negative thoughts & keep them out Pull in the positive thoughts & stick to them

Positive self-talk is any time you talk to yourself in a way that allows you to improve and do better. It's an important part of being happy and dedicated, especially on days when you're not feeling motivated. The opposite of positive self-talk is negative self-talk - beating yourself up or getting mad at yourself by saying and thinking negative things. Recognizing when you are using negative self-talk is the first step in being able to stop it and replace it with positive self-talk.

Here are some positive phrases that, when said to yourself, boost you up and help you realize how great you are!

  • I know with time and effort I can accomplish anything.
  • I am comfortable in front of people and say the right things.
  • I can accomplish any task set out before me.
  • I am smart.
  • I am funny.
  • I am kind.
  • I am worthwhile and successful and happy.
  • I love doing homework and getting it right. It's going to help me succeed in life.
  • I accept the things I cannot control.
  • I seek the best in other people and accept their weaknesses.
  • I can solve any problem.
  • I always give my best effort and that is good enough.
  • I am learning and growing.
  • I accept the choices of other people.




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