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TRUST Is a Must

Gossip and rumors can crush a kid's spirit. Oftentimes, gossip is focused on one particular child and can lead to a variety of different forms of bullying. Help your child learn how to be trustworthy and resist the urge to join the gossip game.

Remind kids that people who can be trusted to follow rules, keep promises, are not mean to others, and don't take things that don't belong to them.

Ask your child these questions. (He/She doesn't have to answer out loud.)

• Do you tell lies?
• Do you make fun of others for things they tell you?
• Do you spread rumors or gossip about others?
• Do you hurt people that are supposed to be your friends?

Offer this explanation:

If you answered yes to any of these questions, that means you aren't being very trustworthy.

Let's focus on 5 easy things you can remind yourself in order to stay trustworthy:

T     TRUTH - Tell the truth
R     RESPECT - Respect others (don't spread rumors or gossip)
U     UNDERSTANDING - Understand and accept others
S     SUPPORT - Support others during good and bad times
T     THANK - Thank others for being in your life

Once you have this initial conversation with your child, it's easy to follow-up. For example, before your child heads out the door to a sleepover, remind them to pay attention to the five letters of TRUST.

It's not maybe so sexy, but the only way to build a first-class education system is through the long, hard work.

— Wendy Kopp,
Founder, Teach for America

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