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Attitude of Gratitude!

Thanksgiving is a great time to remind kids to show appreciation or gratitude. Here's a way to instill a routine of giving gratitude, so that kids remain appreciative throughout the year rather than just the month of November.

Talk to kids about what appreciation and gratitude are:

  • The word "appreciation" means really seeing something for what it is- being aware of how special, how lucky, how unique, how blessed, how big, wonderful or awesome something is.

  • There are lots of ways we can show our appreciation.

  • Another word for appreciation is called Gratitude. Gratitude means you are grateful and thankful for something. We should always remember to have an "Attitude of Gratitude," because it makes us and others feel good.

  • Gratitude and thanks are a popular topic around Thanksgiving, but it is important that we show our thankfulness all year. When you tell some thank you, it shows them that you really appreciate them and what they have done for you.

  • One strong dose of appreciation can change how someone feels.

  • If you're having a bad day, someone showing you that they appreciate you could turn your mood or attitude around and help you to have a much better day.

Here are some ways you can show gratitude every day:

  • Thank a friend for playing with you at recess.

  • Thank your bus driving for getting you to school safely.

  • Thank your teacher for coming to work every day so she/he can help kids learn.

  • Write a short note to a friend telling them 3 great traits they possess.

  • Give a "thumbs up" to a policeman directing traffic.

  • Tell a cashier "thank you" and mean it.

  • Thank a sibling for letting you borrow a toy or a clothing item.

  • Hug someone you love and name one thing they've recently done to brighten your day.

So this doesn't turn into a "one-time" discussion with kids. Use the words, "Attitude of Gratitude" during the discussion. Make it fun, say it in a silly tone, even older kids respond to silliness...even if they don't admit it!

And occasionally remind kids to display gratitude. For example, on their way out the door to school, say 'Have an attitude of gratitude today! Can't wait to hear about what you do when you get home today!' Or when you see someone doing something nice for a child, whisper 'Attitude of Gratitude' to challenge the child to show appreciation.




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