HOT WINGS: Solving Conflicts Peacefully!

As kids begin to get older and embrace their opinions, they are likely to encounter conflicts with others. It's important to prepare kids for facing adversity by helping them to understand what causes disagreements and how to handle conflict.

Talking Points

  • A disagreement is when you think one thing is right and someone else thinks it is wrong. It means that you see things differently.

  • It is okay to disagree with people. Everyone is unique. Disagreements help us see what other people are thinking or feeling.

  • When people disagree with you it is important to step into their shoes and understand why they may feel that way.

  • Sometimes, people can't understand that others are different and think differently. They want to yell and scream about how they are right and they never take time to listen to the other person.

  • When this happens, it is called conflict. A conflict is when two people just can't understand each other and it leads to a problem.

  • Conflicts sometimes cause fights between people and hurt feelings.

  • During conflicts people sometimes say very mean things that they don't even mean.

Tips for solving conflicts peacefully:

  • Stop and think about what you want to say

  • No name calling or yelling

  • Listen to what is being said

  • Decide what should happen together

  • Everyone must give a little

  • Fighting doesn't help




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