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Don't let your heart get hijacked in February!

At WINGS one of our learning objectives is that "Kids will understand emotional hijackings and their consequences." We teach kids that when you lose total control of your emotions, it's called an emotional hijacking. This loss of control normally happens when you are very upset about something and can sometimes result in regrettable behavior.

It's helpful to talk with kids about what typically causes an emotional hijacking before they are actually being hijacked. Here’s a fun game we use at WINGS to solicit this conversation:

  • Start with a deck of cards
  • The dealer puts one card face-up so everyone can see it and reach it
  • The dealer then puts another card in the middle of the circle, face up on top of the other card
  • This continues until a jack, an ace, or a set of double cards (for example two 7's in a row) is placed in the middle
  • If a jack, an ace, or a set of doubles is put in the middle of the circle, the players must try to place their hand on top of it
  • The person whose hand is first to the jack, ace, or set of doubles (on top of the actual card) wins the round and must state something that causes them to get emotionally hijacked. The person then earns a J (only if they successfully state an emotional hijacking cause)
  • This cycle continues of placing cards onto the pile and racing to be the first hand on jacks, aces, and doubles in order to give an example of things that cause emotional highjackings.
  • The first person to spell JACK wins!

This game can even be played with just one adult/dealer and one player. The kids become so focused on earning their letters that it is easier for them to open up about their feelings and emotional hijackings. Answers provided by kids can then become great conversation starters about how to control emotional hijackings.

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