DIY: Free Social Skills!

Heys and Praise

Heys and Praise is something we do in our programs to acknowledge and positively reinforce good behavior.

With the July heat upon us, kids may begin to feel agitated and bored as the unstructured summer days continue. You may be surprised at how a small amount of praise can boost their spirits! Take a moment to stop and give your kids some Heys and Praise. They will appreciate it!

You can also show them how Heys and Praise works so they can perpetuate the acknowledgements and give you (or friends, siblings, camp counselors, etc.) some praise too!

Here's an example:

Robert: "Hey Kristen, can I give you some praise?"
Kristen: "Sure!"
Robert: "I think you are really good at jump rope. It shows that you practice a lot."
Kristen: "Thanks!"


  • Be positive.
  • Be genuine. Talk about someone's character, not their clothes, shoes, looks, etc.
  • Be specific.

**If your kids really want to earn some points, have them record some Heys and Praise for their grandparents and send it their way!





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