DIY: Free Social Skills!

Put some spring into your step with these SHOES!

Whether you are a kid or an adult, one of the hardest things to learn is how to "step into the shoes of others" and practice social awareness. Once this skill is mastered however, the benefits are enormous!

Imagine entering a difficult conversation with your boss, spouse, or friend with ease because you're able to step into their shoes and find a way to make it productive.

At WINGS we teach how to step into other people’s SHOES to promote empathy and understanding of how others feel.

The word SHOES, below, serves as a great tool for gaining a better understanding of what other people may be feeling. Try these SHOES on and examine each letter's meaning for in your daily interactions!

S   Sound of their voice (loud, quiet, fast, slow?)
H   How they act (arms, legs, hands, etc.)
O   Outer appearance (how they look on the outside: sweating,           blushing, etc.)
E   Expression on their face (mouth and eyes)
S   Surroundings (where they are and who they are with)




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