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You've Got Talent - Learning to value personal strengths

This is the time of year when many people take time to give thanks. Families get together and share the things for which they are grateful. They count their blessings and take time to enjoy all the goodness life brought their way. Family members, friends, and material items are all things to give thanks for, but this year, try to take some time to be thankful for the strengths you have within yourself!

Everyone has different strengths that make us who we are and can make the world a better place. Sometimes, people are embarrassed of their strengths and try to keep them hidden from others. Often, children don't want their friends to know they excel at something that might be considered "uncool." It's important for kids (and adults) to recognize and be thankful for all the strengths they have.

At WINGS we teach kids that once strengths have been determined, it's critical to:

  • State them and be proud
  • Show them to others, don't be shy
  • Use them to help others

In order to help your family pinpoint their strengths and be grateful for the things that make them unique, try hosting a Thanksgiving Talent Show. Allow family members to show off their strengths in a supportive environment by singing, dancing, joke telling, doing push-ups, or whatever it is they believe they have a flare for. During the talent show remind your family how blessed they are to have each other and all the unique talents they each bring to the table.

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