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Working Together With The Four C's

Sometimes kids just can’t agree on what to watch, play, or whose turn it is, and you may find yourself repeating, “Figure it out,” or, “Stop arguing,” over and over. The Four C’s are a helpful tool in teaching kids to work together and find a solution that suits everyone.

Conflict is a valuable component of life and should not be feared or avoided. Recognizing the difference between win/win outcomes and win/lose outcomes helps kids to resolve conflict while keeping everyone’s best interests in mind.

In order to reach a win/win outcome we teach the “Four C’s”:

To practice using the Four C’s allow your children to host a family game night. Give them a total of 5-10 household items (examples: coins, toothbrush, dice, paper plate, pencil, spoon) and allot a certain amount of time for them to come together and create a new game using one or more of the items provided. They should come up with a name for the game, rules, and how to win. While working together, they will need to compromise and make changes to ensure they complete their task.

Talk your children through any conflicts or disagreements that arise and remind them that they are working together to create a fun game for the whole family. Praise them as they compromise and listen to each other. Once the game is created, allow the children to celebrate their success by playing their brand new game with the entire family!


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