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All Aboard for the Trait Train

Everyone has a unique personality, and at WINGS we teach kids to recognize their unique personality traits so they become more self-aware. The first step is to help kids understand exactly what personality traits are.

Here's what we teach kids:

Personality traits are defined by our behavior and actions. These traits are not feelings or emotions; instead they make up who you are, how you act, and how people might describe you. Sometimes our personality traits are good for us and help us to succeed in life (He is determined, motivated, and a good communicator). Other times, our traits can hold us back or get us into trouble (She is lazy and stubborn).

It's important to consider your personality traits, and a great way to do that is by creating a Trait Train using names.

Example: SUE


Kids tend to steer towards exemplary traits for their train, but traits can be positive, negative or both depending on the situation and we all have a mix. It's important to discuss the various traits in your kids and continue the discussion after the exercise by examining not only their commendable traits, but also those traits that they may need to work on or be mindful of.

Check out the word bank below for example traits!


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