On Wednesday, June 17th, 2015, a young white man entered Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston and viciously murdered nine innocent black people with the hope of starting a race war. He did not get what he wanted. What followed instead was an outpouring of unity, compassion, love and support from the people of Charleston and the rest of the country.

As an organization rooted in social and emotional learning and in Charleston, WINGS cannot go back to business as usual. We cannot not do more, try harder, dive deeper, and grow bigger. Standing together against racism, we will promote friendship and understanding starting with the open hearts and minds of the future - kids. 

church.pngWINGS for kids has accepted society’s call to action by creating Kindred Kids. Though Kindred Kids may be small in reach, we know a wave of change comes when all people, organizations, and businesses take strides together.  

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