Delivering Outcomes

The October issue of Harvard Business Review featured an article entitled, “The Emerging Capital Market for Nonprofits.” The message is that the model for nonprofit giving is shifting away from financial reports and moving more toward accountability. We’ve long held ourselves accountable for delivering on our outcomes around WINGS, and this is an encouraging article for us as we move into the latter stages of our Five Year Flight Plan: an important evaluation period for us.

Over the course of the next two years, WINGS will undergo a formative and impact evaluation, both of which are essential for the future growth of WINGS. Internally, we measure our progress toward outcomes daily by using our Performance Managements system (ETO). But we’ve always believed we need to scientifically prove how we’re measuring up against our goals to ensure we’re having the impact we believe we are. We understand that before we replicate any further, we need to ensure without a doubt our model is strong.

We knew that holding ourselves to these scientific standards would set us apart from the pack. The fact is, not all organizations undergo these evaluations, either because they are unwilling to invest the money that is demanded and/or because impatience drives them to expand before proving their effectiveness. But we feel even more confident in light of this article that we’re moving in the right direction, sticking the right course.

To help us prepare for these evaluations, we’ve enlisted the help of a committee of bright minds in the field of research and nonprofit assessments. These folks will make up WEAC—WINGS Evaluation Advisory Committee. There’s simply no room for failure during this stage of our flight plan, and we know great things lie ahead.

We hope you’ll follow us through the remainder of our flight plan and continue to hold us just as accountable for our outcomes. That’s what this is all about—proving that we turn out socially and emotionally smart kids and finding a way to continue to build our program so that we can reach even more kids with this missing piece of their education.

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