WINGS in Motion

We think WINGS is pretty great, but it’s nice when we hear it from a trusted outside source— especially when that source is as well-recognized as The University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education.

WINGS has been selected as the only site nationwide at which UVA’s Curry School of Education will conduct a yearlong experiment testing the link between fine motor skills and improved cognitive math ability in students k-2nd grade.

This marks the first time this link between fine motor skills and cognitive skills in mathematics will be tested, and the fact that WINGS was selected as a partner serves as a testament to the strength and structure of the WINGS program.

The Curry School of Education will be working with WINGS kids in three of our four schools over the present school term, spending 36 weeks testing the current abilities of WINGS kids, introducing motor skill building exercises into existing WINGS curriculum, and finally concluding if the targeted exercises introduced have any positive impact on math test results.

Based on UVA’s preliminary study on the topic, it is believed that fine motor skills can explain 40% of the achievement gap, and it is understood that fine motor skills can be trained and improved. Helping to reduce the achievement gap and investing in our kids’ future—it’s yet another win win for WINGS!

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