More Research Proving Kids Need What We Teach

Education Week recently featured these findings in its article entitled “Experts Begin to Identify Nonacademic Skills Key to Success,” and it only helps to underscore the work we’re focused on each and every day at WINGS. This research in particular is especially interesting to us for a few reasons:

  • It argues that social and emotional skills are not only crucial for helping to get our kids through college and into the workplace, but that these skills can be taught just like any other subject matter.
  • According to the research, the biggest predictors of student success are conscientiousness, agreeableness and ability to work with a team, emotional stability, and variations on extroversion and openness to new experiences.
  • The point is made that kids often face “rugged individualism” when arriving on the college scene. Meaning they are met with a new setting, new people, new challenges, and many students don’t possess the core competencies needed to help them adjust and thrive.

At WINGS we collect data every day, which we use to measure our kids’ outcomes and success toward our goals. And on a daily basis we are working with our kids to help them beat these odds. Our results are not only in line with these findings, but they speak for themselves:

  • Ninety nine percent of our 450 kids are passing our weekly objective tests, which measure their competency level for that week’s social and emotional learning objective, proving social and emotional skills indeed can be taught.
  • 98 percent of our kids received average or better than average attendance scores last school year, proving there is a link between social and emotional aptitudes and attachment to school.
  • Compared to our Charleston County average, the high school graduation rate of black males who benefitted from WINGS is 39% higher than the Charleston County average.
We’ve long known kids need what we teach, and we’ve seen the way that social and emotional skills can turn around kids and adults alike. But it is always nice when research continues to support and validate our efforts, especially as we feast our sights on substantial growth, and thousands of additional kids served, throughout the coming years.

"While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us."

-Ben Franklin

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