New Metrics Show WINGS Kids Fly High

We're in the last three month stretch of WINGS, and (drumroll!) the results are in—our most recent measure of WINGS kids' progress, as compared to non-WINGS kids, in their respective schools. If we do say so ourselves, we couldn't be happier with the numbers!

Tracking our progress toward our outcomes is important to us at WINGS (so much so that we even brought on a new staffer to help us mine our treasure trove of stats… meet Piper!). Based on mid-year metrics (first half of 2010-2011 school year), we're happy to see that our kids are soaring right on track. Proof is in the numbers:
  • 93.3% of WINGS kids have had fewer than two office referrals
  • Based on teacher evaluations, WINGS kids showed a 24.6% improvement in self-discipline between the first and second school quarters; non-WINGS kids improved by 18.2%
  • WINGS kids showed a 7.3% improvement over non-WINGS kids in math scores on MAP testing between first and second school quarters
  • Testing of our kids’ knowledge of weekly SEL objectives indicate a 98.7% understanding of self-management objectives
  • According to attendance records, our kids showed a 10% better-than-average attendance rate over non-WINGS kids at participating schools

We believe in our theory of change—that two or more years of a comprehensive social and emotional education will give our kids a toolbox full of useful social and emotional skills, in turn providing a higher attachment to school, and ultimately keeping our kids out of trouble and on the straight and narrow long-term. And these numbers prove our kids are on their way. Stay tuned for even more substantial measure of our impact in years to come. Over the next few years we enter an important stage of our five year flight plan, which calls for an impact study of the WINGS program tracking the outcomes of our kids to a larger degree.

This impact study has long been on the books, but we have even more wind in our sails as ramp up these efforts thanks to support we’ve received by the esteemed University of Virginia Curry School of Education. UVA so believes in the WINGS program that they’ve requested a $2.8 million grant to help us implement our impact study and also launch a randomized control trial—the gold standard of research studies. We won’t find out if the grant has been awarded until next month, but our WINGS are firmly crossed.

Nowhere to go but up from here!

"The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn."

- John Lubbock

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