Teaching Social Skills Through Technology
Gaming is a new trend

Over the last year, a new trend has gained momentum in the social and emotional skill development world: video games. Video games, or more broadly gaming, has become the latest vehicle to deliver social and emotional learning skills. Why gaming?

"Video games nurture an incremental understanding of intelligence. Because players are rewarded for one task at a time — for overcoming one obstacle after another — they learn to understand learning and accomplishment iteractively," stated MindShift's Guide to Learning and Games.

Contrary to generalized stereotypes of the awkward, socially inept loner, players are actually engaged with one another as 70% of gamers play their games with other people. Gamers play cooperatively, competitively, share tips and tricks, work together, and teach each other how to get better at the game - what an opportunity to be intentional about deepening these skills through the type of game kids play!  One game doing just this is If... by EA founder Trip Hawkins, which focuses on teaching social and emotional learning skills to kids through an adventure game. Through If... and a variety of other games, both parents and kids are being introduced to the belief that social and emotional skills can be taught in a variety of ways. Take a look at this list of of "Inventive Games That Teach Kids About Empathy and Social Skills."




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