WINGS hosts special screening of the film Bully opening weekend.

The spotlight on bullying has grown brighter with the premiere of the full-length documentary Bully. WINGS is honored to gather our Charleston community together for a special screening to keep the conversation going and shine an even brighter light on the skills that combat this national epidemic. In collaboration with Terrace Theaters, WINGS will host a special screening opening weekend on Sunday, April 22nd at 4pm.

Thirteen million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year, just one of the startling statistics identified in “Bully.” A student is bullied or victimized when he or she is repeatedly the target of deliberate negative actions by one or more students who possess greater verbal, physical, social or psychological power. WINGS' CEO Bridget Laird explains: “Bullying is much more prevalent than most people think, so this documentary will really open up a lot of people's eyes to the magnitude of this problem.”

The social and emotional skills we teach to hundreds of at-risk students in the Charleston area in an after school setting are the same skills that can be applied to the discussion on bullying. To this accord, we've compiled numerous lessons into a “Ready, Set, Soar with SEL—a DIY Social Emotional Learning Kit,” which can be downloaded from our website. Specific Anti-Bullying kits will be available at the film screening.

Social and emotional skills have been proven to improve kids' self-confidence, reduce anxiety, and give them tools to resolve differences with their peers. WINGS has been working to give kids social and emotional smarts as well as combat bullying for 16 years now, and we're thrilled to pass on some of our lessons in an effort to curve the bullying trend.

Watch the Bully trailer here.

See full event press release here.

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