WINGS CEO Participates in National Webinar

This month our CEO, Bridget Laird participated as 1 of 4 panelists in a national webinar with over 600 registrants entitled How Can Monitoring Your Organization's Performance Lead to Fundraising Success? where WINGS was featured as a high-performing non-profit because of our airtight performance management and upcoming grand scale evaluation by the Institute for Education Sciences.

The event was sponsored by Social Solutions and the Social Impact Exchange and moderated by Edward Skloot, Director of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy & Civil Society at Duke University who exalted WINGS as "a determined, focused, and clear institution." The other panelists were Peter Yorke- a Senior Partner and Director of Research for the TCC Group, Suzan Zoukis- our million-dollar donor, and Judith Ranger Smith- Executive Director of Jimmy Buffett's Singing for Change Foundation.

Performance management is a big buzz phrase in philanthropy and this webinar broke down what that really entails, the role it plays in all facets from staff to beneficiaries to donors, and what implementation really looks like within a successful organization like WINGS. Performance management is essentially a process where you (a) establish a reasonable goal/objective (b) develop a strategy for achieving the goal (c) identify milestones or indicators that can be used to determine progress towards goals (d) collect data that relates your efforts taken to desired outcomes to determine what works and doesn't (e) use this information to make adjustments to your approach to improve.

It's imperative to track, measure, and evaluate success in any operation and even more vital when you are in the business of helping those in need. "It's irresponsible to operate blindly without actively managing performance," as Bridget put it. "If you don't know what works and what doesn't then you may have no effect, or worse, you run the risk of actually causing harm."

"We're not perfect," says Bridget, "but that's the point of performance management — to see where you can improve and then do so instead of blindly moving forward without intention."

The webinar How Can Monitoring Your Organization's Performance Lead to Fundraising Success? will be archived and available on the Social Solutions site.

“Our children may learn about heroes of the past. Our task is to make ourselves architects of the future.”

— Jomo Mzee Kenyatta

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