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Going for Gold Every Day

WINGS kids use same skills as Olympic Athletes to win Gold, Silver, Bronze

The 2012 London Summer Olympics will showcase the world's best athletes extraordinary talents who have perfected their craft and reached such a high level of excellence not only because of their impressive physical capabilities, but also through practicing social and emotional (SE) skills like focus, self-discipline, delayed gratification, and goal setting. These SE skills keep Olympic hopefuls on track, pushing them to overcome adversity and give their sport everything they've got. The payoff? Having the opportunity to represent their country in the Olympics and making their dreams a reality.

Similarly, our WINGS kids overcome obstacles and challenges on a daily basis. They are building their SE skills in order to achieve their "Olympic dream" - graduating from college, becoming a teacher, or maybe starting a business.

To encourage our kids every step of the way, we infuse a variety of positive reinforcement methods. In addition to positive feedback, "Great-Trait" raffle tickets, and various behavior awards, every WINGS program distributes a Gold, Silver, and Bronze award each month that inspires kids to be their best and rewards them for their accomplishments.

How our awards work:

WINGSLeaders are perpetually on the lookout for kids that are going above and beyond by making an important contribution to the community, making outstanding progress with their behavior, or are achieving outstanding success with a particular SEL skill.

Every month the Program Director asks each WINGSLeader to nominate any kids they feel are deserving of a medal, and votes are cast from the pool to determine winners. Once the recipients are decided, award certificates are presented to the winning kids during Community Unity. Each child is called to the front of the room and given his/her award along with the reasons for his/her nomination. Each student then has their picture taken and the picture is placed on the monthly award board for all of the WINGS family and friends to see.

So this summer while Olympians are competing and showing off their athletic skills, we'll additionally be celebrating the mastery of the SE skills that led them there. These driven Olympic hopefuls are great examples for our WINGS boys and girls who are shaping their character, sharpening their SEL skills, identifying their dreams, and chasing after their own Gold!

Meet an Olympian that embodies all of the SEL skills mentioned above and has risen to the top of his sport, track, despite having had both legs amputated below the knee.



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