Proud to be AmeriCorps

Humbled by Recent Grants, Publicity and Recognition

This summer, AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National & Community Service awarded WINGS a National Direct grant and named WINGS one of their "most innovative AmeriCorps funded programs in the United States.

Our partnership with AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) not only supports the college-aged mentors who serve as WINGSLeaders within our programs, but also shines a spotlight on the innovative work we're doing across the southeast. Recently, CNCS released a 20th AmeriCorps Anniversary edition of Transforming Communities through Service: A Collection of the Most Innovative AmeriCorps State and Volunteer Generation Fund Programs in the United States - which features WINGS for kids. The 2014 edition highlights case studies of innovative programs, and showcases 28 AmeriCorps and four Volunteer Generation Fund programs in 21 states.

Take a look at WINGS' write-up, here.

In the words of our Chief Program Officer, Nicole Lovecchio: "The impact of AmeriCorps on the communities we serve is immeasurable. Not only are the members positive role models for the youth they serve, but also for the entire school and neighborhoods in which they serve. They are able to interact with parents, teachers, and school staff regularly while spreading the spirit of service. Yes, the members are helping kids on a daily basis, but the valuable lessons they are learning about themselves and life will be able to stay with them forever."

Pretty great, right? Look who else thought so...


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Recent Grants

  • The Wallace Foundation
  • Addlestone Foundation
  • IBM
  • Wells Fargo
  • Mark Elliot Motley Foundation
  • Ida Alice Ryan Charitable Trust
  • Zeist Foundation
  • Henry & Sylvia Yaschik Foundation
  • Bennett Thrasher Foundation
  • Blackbaud Fund Coastal Community Foundation

Partners & Publicity

  • CEO Bridget Laird was selected for the 2016 South Carolina Liberty Fellowship Class - an affiliation of the Aspen Institute.
  • Whole Foods raised $5,510 for WINGS on their June 24th Community Giving Day.That's a whole lottagoodness!      final_check_presentation_WINGS.jpg
  • Ted's Butcherblock hosts Friday night wine tasting for $5 and they've picked WINGS to receive 100% of the proceeds for the next 3 months. Cheers to us!

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