Lights on Afterschool at Love T Nolan

Posted by 224f on October 27, 2014 · Flag

These wee ones at Atlanta's Love T. Nolan Elementary School are everything!

In observance of last week's national Lights On Afterschool project, these WINGS kids are shining with their "best wishes" light bulbs. Their WINGSLeaders wrote personal messages for each WINGS kid with their hopes and wishes for the future of each student.

Many thanks to Principal Lemons for all that she does in support of WINGS for Kids. 


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Great job kids! Keep up the amazing work and never stop learning! Sending all the love and support from
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I appreciate what you guys are doing, keep up the good work and I fully support your cause!
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That’s awesome. Those kids look so happy, I support an after kids school program in my area, through my company .. I really enjoy programs that keep children interacting and involved in activities that further their growth and relationships. Good programs go above and beyond in ensuring the appropriate plan to take with the kids.
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