Meet Danyel

Danyel is a 5th grader at North Charleston Elementary School entering her 3rd year with us at WINGS. Her social and emotional skills have developed greatly since joining our flock, and WINGS staffers say she lives the Creed daily. Last school year she was the perfect example of, "I understand everyone is unique. I want to learn more about everyone I meet."

Danyel's WINGSLeader last year, Jessica, remembers her going out of her way to include a girl in her Pelicans nest that for whatever reason was somewhat isolated and not being included in activities. "Danyel made it a point to ensure that her fellow nestmate was part of the group and regularly took action to involve her when that wasn't the case," Jessica recalls.

Week four of our program is focused on Social Awareness. Through the learning objectives taught during that week, kids develop empathy: the ability to understand other people's nonverbal and verbal emotional messages. They are better able to identify the emotions manifested in others through an awareness of facial expression, tone of voice, pitch, and gesture. Kids also gain skills to increase their sensitivity to others as well as understand that differences amongst people make life rich and interesting, and that those differences are to be valued.

Danyel clearly absorbed and implemented this learning objective through her non-prejudicial attitude and ability to understand, and empathize with, the emotional state of others. We're so proud of Danyel and excited to see her live out the creed in the coming school year! Danyel you soar!

Take a look at a weekly breakdown of our learning objectives here!

"A problem is a chance for you to do your best."

— Duke Ellington

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