Meet Olga

This year was Olga's third year at WINGS, and she is living proof of our theory of change—that at least two years of a comprehensive social and emotional education leads to high social and emotional skills in kids, which strengthens kids' attachment to school and their ability to socialize and connect with others in a healthy way.

Olga is described as being one of the most kind and caring kids in her Hawks nest, and she not only exhibits this kind and caring behavior during WINGS, but teachers report she goes out of her way to be kind to her classmates throughout the day as well.

While Olga has been a stand-out WINGS kid for a few years now, this year WINGSLeader Jaleesa Frasier says she's made impressive strides when it comes to her ability to handle her emotions and stay on task.

"Olga's attitude changed dramatically over the course of this past school year," says Jaleesa. "She now understands when she has done something wrong, and if she sees a risky situation unfolding, she works hard to get herself out of that environment quickly." One clear example of her progress unfolded in Academic Center late this past school year. When Olga began the year she had difficulty focusing and finishing her homework. Her Academic Center WINGSLeader, Mallory Dorsey, made an agreement with Olga that if she could stay on task and finish her homework she would earn a mark on the achievement chart, and they would work out a prize for Olga. By the end of the day she saw Olga using her three E's (Eyes, Ears, and Energy) to limit her distractions and finish her work so she didn't have any homework left to tackle at home. She quickly amassed high marks from Mallory, and she was praised for her ability to stay on task. We're very proud of you, Olga. Keep soaring!

"Some men look at things the way they are and ask, 'Why?' I dream of things that are not and ask, 'Why not?'"

— Robert F. Kennedy

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