Meet Xavion

Xavion is a 5th grader in his second year with us at WINGS at Chicora and has been a quick study when it comes to our weekly learning objectives. His WINGSLeader Jaleesa says that he is fast to absorb and apply the lessons he is taught in WINGS.

Recently he learned the difference between wants, needs, and blessings, and he is quick to identify and differentiate between them. An example of this was when other kids in his Bluebirds Nest were complaining about the food they were receiving. Xavion was able to distinguish between what was wanted and what was needed and told the other boys in his nest that the food was both a need and a blessing and that they should be thankful.

This particular objective teaches kids that a want is something we would like to have because it brings us pleasure and a need is something that is necessary for success and survival. This lesson allows children to recognize that their wants may sometimes be complimentary to their needs and at other times conflict with them. They learn that just because they want something, it doesn't necessarily mean they will get it. Kids are also able to identify their blessings and recognize that the things we have, whether they are wanted or needed, are things that we are lucky to have in our lives.

We know that Xavion is a blessing and we're happy to see him succeeding in WINGS!

Xavion, we're so happy to see you take in and apply the valuable lessons you're learning through WINGS! Keep soaring!

“The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!”

— Marvin Phillips

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