Meet Kadelyn

Kadelyn is a second grader at James Simmons Elementary School and in her second year with us at WINGS. WINGS staffers say that she regularly illustrates her favorite line of the Creed-- Kind and caring I will be. I listen to you. You listen to me.

Kadelyn's WINGSLeader this school year, GeGe, says that she most recently exemplified the Creed when she spotted another girl in her Dove's nest crying. Kadelyn immediately jumped to action and worked to console and support her nestmate by rubbing her back, empathizing with her, and listening to what had caused her friend to be so distressed. What a WINGS girl!

Kadelyn's behavior came as no surprise to GeGe, as the learning objective in that particular week dealt with emotions. In this objective, kids learn that there are a wide range of emotions within the human experience, many of which can be felt simultaneously, and they develop a vocabulary that demonstrates an understanding of this range. Kadelyn used the emotional alphabet she'd learned that very week to comfort her sad friend and not only offered kind words, but equally as important, she listened to what her friend had to say.

Kadelyn, your compassion and recognition that emotions are nothing to hide triggers an emotion for us at WINGS—pride. Thanks for making us proud!

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people.”

— Theodore Roosevelt

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