Meet Kurell

Kurell is a third grader in the Falcon's Nest at S.L. Lewis Elementary in Atlanta, and this is his first year with WINGS! He says that when he grows up he wants to be a police officer so that he can save people. We think he's off to a great start in saving himself from making bad decisions!

His WINGSLeader, Mr. Santanna says that Kurell displays a great understanding of the Creed line I understand the choices I make should be what’s best for me to do and what happens is on me and not any of you. When he makes a mistake, he's quick to accept responsibility for his actions and find ways to make amends. Furthermore, he learns from his mistakes and works hard not to repeat the same negative choices.

"His attitude has really improved," says Mr. Santanna, "He was initially quite shy and sort of "too cool" for WINGS, but he has really warmed up and become a shining, and VERY cool example for the others kids in his nest."

An example of this occurred one day during school hours when Kurell did not want to complete any of his class work and had a negative attitude with his teacher. At WINGS we work closely with school faculty to get the full picture of a child, so this behavior was communicated with WINGS and Mr. Santanna, and the school work was sent along with Kurell that afternoon to WINGS. After sitting down and discussing the matter, Kurell admitted that he’d had the wrong attitude in refusing to do his work, and it had not been a good choice for him to make.

Instead of getting upset and further perpetuating that poor attitude, Kurell accepted responsibility and completed his assignment without losing control of his emotions.

Bravo Kurell! Acknowledging mistakes is a hard thing for even adults to do and we’re impressed by how you make every effort to correct and learn from bad choices! In your brief time so far with WINGS we’ve really seen you transform and we can't wait to see how far you soar!




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