Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a 3rd grader at North Charleston Elementary School and in her 3rd year at WINGS. Stephanie's WINGSLeader, Nicole, wanted to give her some praise because she says that Stephanie brings to life the Creed line, kind and caring I will be.

This time of year, people are giving and receiving Valentine's notes, but Stephanie regularly plays cupid and writes notes to other WINGS kids expressing appreciation and sharing compliments. She's also written many letters to WINGS staff letting them know how thankful she is for all they do.

Social Awareness and positive reinforcement are huge components of the WINGS curriculum and are weaved daily into lessons through various techniques and activities. Every Monday for example, during the Community Unity portion of our program, we hold Heys & Praise where staff and students are given a forum to recognize and show appreciation for one another. Stephanie doesn't just wait for Monday's to show appreciation, she does it daily through her sweet notes.

Stephanie, we're so proud of you for knowing that your emotions are nothing to hide and for showing gratitude and kindness to others! You soar!

The greek root of the word philanthropy is philanthropia and means “the love of humanity.”

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