Meet Princess
Meet Danielle

This standout student is a rising 5th grader who will be launching into her 4th year with WINGS this August. She's proven a quick study with the WINGS learning objectives and has done a superb job of absorbing and implementing them into her daily life. She has awards to prove it!

At WINGS we make it a point to positively reinforce kids when we catch them in action demonstrating social and emotional (SE) skills. Kids crave attention and are more likely to display positive behaviors if we take the time to recognize them for their efforts. This positive feedback is given to kids daily for exemplary behavior, and we also hold Praise Awards every 9 weeks to recognize kids like Danielle who have consistently or notably done well.

In the 3 years that Danielle has under her belt with WINGS, she has earned the Creed Responsible Decision Making Award, the Creed Social Awareness Award, the Creed Self-Awareness Award, and is a two time Choice Time Champion! Wow! What a go-getter!

Keep soaring Danielle! We are so proud of you for always working towards your personal best and we know you're going far!



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