Meet Princess
Meet Dayvonte

Dayvonte is a member of the Heron's nest and just completed the fourth grade at James Simons Elementary School. His WINGSLeader Juan describes him as a kind, caring and helpful young man who makes good decisions. In fact Dayvonte received the Creed Responsible Decision Making Award!

At WINGS we teach kids to carefully consider situations and make the best decisions for themselves, and Dayvonte does just that!

One great decision he made was to become a member of the WINGS choice time Jeans to Gents. As a member of this group, he has learned about manners, proper etiquette, and how to be a gentleman. During this past school year, Dayvonte and the group had the opportunity to visit the College of Charleston and the Citadel where they experienced college life and learned how to conduct themselves in a gentlemanly manner. Dayvonte and his fellow gents also have an upcoming summer engagement where they will be dining at Fish restaurant to practice and fine tune their etiquette skills. We're sure that he'll dazzle them with all that he's learned!

Dayvonte, we're quite proud of the decisions you've made and the gentleman that you've become. We look forward to seeing you learn and grow even more in the coming year! Keep soaring!


A leader is the wave pushed ahead by the ship.
  — Leo Tolstoy

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