Meet Jamaal

Jamaal is a 3rd grader at North Charleston Elementary School and in his third year with WINGS. His favorite line of The Creed is "working together is a must," because he says that it means you want to help others, and Jamaal most certainly does.

Falcons Nest WINGSleader, Bobby recalls a time when Jamaal's nestmates were picking on another boy and Jamaal stepped in to tell the kids to leave the boy alone because they were making him sad. Jamaal was able to calm everyone down so that the root of the problem could be addressed and resolved. This action came on the heels of a discussion about conflict resolution and Jamaal's decision to intervene became a learning tool and useful illustration for everyone in the nest.

At WINGS we equip kids with the skills to keep conflicts from escalating and teach them techniques for problem solving and conflict resolution. A disagreement can quickly get out of control and it's important that kids realize that fighting doesn't help anyone or fix any problems, but only leads to more.

Jamaal, we're very proud that you realize it is more important to find a way to work things out than to fight about them. Keep soaring high!

It's not maybe so sexy, but the only way to build a first-class education system is through the long, hard work.

— Wendy Kopp,
Founder, Teach for America

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