Meet Byron

Byron is a fourth grader at Memminger Elementary School and in his fifth year with WINGS. He says that when he grows up, he wants to help people and become, "a doctor who gives birth."

His WINGSLeader, Conner, says that Byron is an exemplary WINGS kid and lives the Creed on a constant basis. In fact, Byron is somewhat of an assistant WINGSLeader in his Raven's Nest. When other kids are acting out, Byron supports Conner by modeling expectations, and even stating those expectations for his fellow nestmates.

Throughout all of the activities at WINGS, kids have a clear idea of what behavior is expected of them and the consequences for not meeting those expectations. It's important to provide structure and clearly communicate what is expected so there is no confusion. It's also imperative to acknowledge when behavior falls short.

For example, when in line and traveling in hallways:


  • The line leader needs to make sure they're listening so they know when to move and where to go.
  • Everyone needs to keep up in the line so there are no gaps.
  • Don't touch anything on the walls or people beside you.
  • Keep your feet on the blue line and voice on a level zero.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand.


  • Talking: Put hand over mouth,
  • Leaving the line: Stand by WL,
  • Touching others / walls: Change spot in line, put hands in pockets.

Having been in the WINGS program for a while now, Byron is an expert in the WINGS ways and knows what to expect, and what is expected of him. He's a standout student with a lot of potential, and because he's such a savvy kid, we expect great things out of Byron in the future!

Keep soaring Byron!




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