Meet Pria

Pria is a 4th grader at Chicora School of Communications and in Ms. Amar's Pelicans Nest. WINGS staffers say that where Pria used to let negative things get her down, she now better manages her frustration and focuses on positive things.

Just last month Pria showed off her level head when some kids said that they didn't want to be her friend anymore. Instead of confronting those kids, or getting upset, Pria shared her feelings and the situation with an adult, used positive self-talk, and resolved to show those kids what a great friend she can be.

At WINGS we teach kids to be self and socially aware. One of the things we encourage kids to do, and Pria has illustrated, is positive self-talk. Kids learn to encourage themselves through negative moments by internally supporting themselves with positive thoughts. When using positive self-talk, we tell kids to use the Push and Pull: Push out the negative thoughts and keep them out, and pull in the positive thoughts, and let them stick!

It looks as though things have worked out with Pria and her pals because when asked what her favorite thing about WINGS was, she said, "Being with my friends!"

Pria, we're so happy to see you using skills that will help you throughout your life. Keep up the good work! We'll keep encouraging and supporting you, and you do the same!




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