Meet Joshua

Joshua is a kindergartner in the Robin's Nest at Heritage Elementary School, one of our new Atlanta programs! While he's just begun his first year with WINGS, he's already doing some serious flapping and showing progression! His WINGSLeader Kelsey says that he is the embodiment of the Creed line, "Life is full of surprises that make me feel different ways. If I can control myself I will have much better days."

When he began the school year, Joshua struggled with expressing disappointment and frustration when he didn't get his way. He became very sad and upset when his name wasn't pulled to get a prize in our weekly raffle, and sat down with the Behavior Specialist (we call them Peace Managers) to sort out his feelings and discuss why he was so upset. At the following week's raffle drawing, though he'd worked very hard to earn multiple tickets for good behavior, his name still wasn't drawn for a prize. This time however, instead of getting upset, he clapped and cheered for the winners with genuine excitement for them.

Joshua, we're so proud of you for resisting an "emotional hijacking" by recognizing and successfully managing your feelings. Your name may not have been drawn for a prize yet, but we pick you as a standout student, and look forward to seeing your continual growth! You soar!




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